B&B ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC. is a full-service electrical contractor. We offer complete full-service electrical installations using union electricians, the best electrical tools and the proper materials required to give our customers a high-end product for the best dollar value. We specialize in electrical construction for heavy industrial, pulp and paper, power generation, marine shipyard, manufacturing, chemical processing, mining, health care, educational and commercial customers.

Our Mission

Seek out the Brightest and Best employees to make us the Best and Brightest in the Electrical Business.  

• Deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers in a professional manner.

• Build customer relationships with partnership selling.  Solve the customer’s problems.  Deal ethically and in good faith.

• Treat all customers fair, straightforward, appreciative and loyal. Expect the same in return.

• Develop high corporate values, a strong work ethic and quality of life for all employees and share this value with our customers.

• Safety in the work place is a key concern at B&B Electrical Contractors, Inc.  We care about our employees’ well-being and that of others working around us.  It is the company’s policy to provide our people with a safe work environment through training and reinforced supervision.  Management is responsible and accountable for safety.

More About B&B Electrical Contractors Inc.


B&B Electrical Contractors, Inc. has a cutting edge quality management system which ensures high-quality standards at all sites.


We have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the results and delivering the project of any complexity and scope.


We offer secure & integrated monitoring during all stages of your project.

Commitment to Safety

It is the policy of B&B Electrical Contractors, Inc. to take a proactive approach to safety


The management and staff at B&B Electrical Contractors, Inc. are committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees. We believe that all accidents are preventable and that safety is everyone’s business. We have developed an extensive safety program to both meet this commitment and to comply with local, state, federal, mine and customer safety and health regulations.
It is the policy of B&B Electrical Contractors, Inc. to take a proactive approach to safety. We provide personal protective equipment, supply proper tools for the job, follow appropriate safety procedures, perform safety audits, enforce drug and alcohol policies, and meet with our employees to discuss safety issues and instruct and train our employees about safety in the most effective manner possible. Our E.M.R. is a .62